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Parabens, Friend or Foe?

When I drive I wear a seat belt.

I avoid eating burnt meat from the grill.

If I drink, it’s in moderation.

No one can smoke in my home and if my girls pick up the habit, they won’t want to know what will happen to them!

Now a days, I stay out of the sun and preach the appropriate use of sunscreen while wagging my finger.

But avoid parabens?

I like to think of myself as someone who can make decisions based on knowledge, not hearsay (and I’m not one to pass along an internet based rumors either.)

Five years ago when someone told me parabens (a group of preservatives (esters of p-hydroxybenzoic acid) used very commonly in cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and industrial products) caused cancer, I did what any self respecting, inquisitive, fact finding person would do – I started learning all I could about the subject.

So the other day while a client of mine was drinking her 3rd glass of wine (wait for the irony about that) and going on about how bad parabens are for you, I thought I’d freshen up my knowledge since there is still a lot of confusion on the subject.

I’ve found several sites that review the research  that started this ground swell back in 2004 and they are listed at the end of this rambling.

My findings just reinforced to me that there is still no solid evidence that parabens cause cancer.  I found that grape seed extract is anything but natural, soy products have strong estrogenic properties  and  parabens are in many of the foods we eat and the things we drink (like berries, carrots, fruit juice and wine!)

Parabens have been used safely for over 50 years.  In that same time, science has proven  smoking causes lung cancer , driving with a seat belt saves lives ,  prolonged sun exposure and sun burns increases your risk of skin cancer, drinking too much can ruin your liver and cause cancer and burnt meat can be carcinogenic.

So until science tells me to add parabens to my list of things to avoid, I’m good with eating them and having them in my skin care.

Check out these links if you’d like to learn more about parabens and then you can make your own decision.