Things to Know about Soft Gel Nail Tips

If there was a genie granting you wishes, what would you ask for as a woman with short nails? Yes, I have guessed it right. You would wish to have long, beautiful nails similar to your favorite Hollywood Queens. Let me share a secret. Not all Hollywood queens have long nails. You have people in the showbiz industry having normal to short nails. Their nails look longer because they work to make their nails look elongated. The exciting part is that you can do the same and get similar beautifully extended nails. You will not need the genie to pop out of the bottle to grant you this wish. You can better go for the soft gel nail extensions. Let us see what these soft gel nail tips are.

What Are Soft Gel Nail Extensions?

Soft Gel Nail Tips

You would have heard of press-on nails. Similarly, you know what a gel mani is. So, combine the two procedures, and you have the soft gel nail extension. It is as simple as that.

Let us elaborate a bit on that.

Soft gel nail extensions are prepared using similar types of the gel used for making your gel polish. At the same time, they are identical to press-on nails because they add length to your nails. In addition, they are durable and last as long as acrylic nails do. Besides, they do not have the harsh chemicals you generally associate with acrylic. Therefore, they are good from a health viewpoint. So, the soft gel nail tips have the best of every type of manicure. Would you like to have one? If the answer is YES, let us learn how to get one.

Soft Gel Nail Extension  – The Application Procedure

The prepping part is the same as you do for all manicures. Once you are done with it, the nail salon technician assesses your nails to find the right size for each of your nails. The next step involves filing the inner sides of the nail tips using a layer of acetone.

You apply the bonder to your natural nail. It absorbs the natural oils from your nails to make the soft gel tips easy to adhere to the surface. The primer liquid application on your nails makes them sticky to accept the gel nail tips easily. As a result, your nails get a thin layer of extend gel. Subsequently, you place your nails under the UV lamp for 60 seconds to cure the extend gel.

Now, apply the soft gel nail extensions and press them to the natural nail to form a bond. This part is followed by exposing your nails to a handheld LED light for 30 seconds and a 60-second exposure to UV light to allow complete curing. Now you can proceed with your regular gel nail polish application.

So, Are the Soft Gel Applications the Same as Gel Polish?

No, they are entirely different because gel polish does not extend the nail or change its shape. You apply them to your nails like a polish. On the contrary, the soft gel nails can extend your nail. You can define its structure. Besides, they protect your natural nail.

The only similarity is that they require curing under a UV lamp. Secondly, you need acetone to remove both these applications.

Therefore, How Do You Remove the Soft Gel Nail Extension?

We recommend visiting a nail salon to get the gel nail tip removed. The technician uses a professional nail drill to remove the top seal of the gel nail extension. Once they drill it off, it becomes easy to remove the remaining gel using the acetone soak procedure.

How Long Can the Soft Gel Nail Tip Manicure Last?

We suggest you have the manicure professionally. It ensures that the manicure lasts for four weeks. Besides, your lifestyle activities determine the manicure’s durability. So, if you maintain them well, this manicure should last as long as the acrylic nail extensions do.

How Do the Soft Gel Nail Extensions Compare with Acrylic?

You know that the acrylic tip is prepared using a monomer liquid mixing it with a polymer powder. In contrast, the soft gel nail tips are made of gel and cover the entire nail. The best part is that the soft gel nail extensions do not use nail glue, the most dangerous component of an acrylic manicure.

Final Thoughts

So, are you ready to change your existing manicure? Why not try out the soft gel nail tips that can give your nails the luxury of a gel polish finish and the long nail look that the acrylic nail extensions provide. The procedure is not very challenging, as you can probably see. Nevertheless, we recommend approaching a nail salon to get the perfect soft gel nail extension manicure.