Antifungal for Ringworm

One of the most known fungal infections is the ringworms. Fungal infection can affect different parts of the body leading to the emergence of ringworms of the body, ringworms of the foot, ringworms of the scalp, ringworms of the hand, ringworms of the groin, ringworms of the face, ringworms of the beard, and ringworms of the nails. All these types of ringworms can be treated using an antifungal for ringworms. The antifungal can be in form of soap, cream or even shampoo all which are made specifically to neutralize the ringworms threat.

Antifungal for Ringworm

The different types of ringworms are named according to the arts they affect. Ringworms of the body tend to affect the whole skin and the infected part has some sharply defined edges. Those of the foot affect the areas between the fingers while ringworms of the scalp leading to bald dry patches on the head. Ringworms of the hand mostly affect the spaces between the fingers and the palm, those of the face occur on the other parts of the face apart from the areas where beards grow, those of the beard affect areas where the beards grow while ringworms of the nails affect the nails making the brittle, opaque, thick or yellow.  With the existence of such types of ringworms, dermatologists have come up with several antifungal cream for ringworm.

How To Protect Yourself

Ringworms are known to be highly contagious. There are several ways through which ringworms can spread and everyone needs to be aware. Quite often, you can get the ringworm infection from the soil, a person, animals and objects. You, therefore, need to protect yourself against getting infected or infecting the others. When you visit the public bathing areas like pools, make sure that you use slippers. Using them in a locker room is also advised. It is also not advisable to share with other things like towels, sheets, sports gear, shoes, and clothes.

The type of clothing that you wear should be loose and probably made from cotton. Changing socks and underwear at least once every day is advised. Moreover, it is advised to wear the socks first before the underwear which prevents the spread of athlete’s foot to the groin. If you own a pet that seems to have lost hair in patches, you are advised to take it for a checkup by the vet since this might be a sign of fungal infection like ringworms. Ringworms can affect any person but the most prone population is the pet owners and kids. By just touching your infected pet, the chances of contracting the infection are very high. If you see any of the signs on your body, your kid’s body or the pet’s body, you should get an antifungal for ringworms.

Best Antifungal For Ringworm

Some of the best antifungal for ringworm include Funginix AF, DermaFungal, Lamisil, Conazole Cream Anti-fungal, Clotrimazole, Wild Thera, Terrasil Antifungal Treatment Max, Baza Antifungal Cream, Phytozine, Puriya, Shampoo Clarifying, Damage, Repair, Antifungal, Antibacterial, Anti-Fungal Shampoo, Treatment of Infection Ringworm, Antibacterial Shampoo Antimicrobial and Reduces Bacteria, Neem Scalp Shampoo, Antifungal Shampoo and Conditioner Fights Fungus and Bacteria, Nizoral A-D Ketoconazole Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Healthy Hair Plus Antifungal Shampoo and Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Anti-fungal, Anti-Bacterial Cleanser among others. All these products are against the fungus that causes ringworms and also against a variety of other bacteria and yeast infections.

What Makes Them Effective?

The effectiveness of these products is derived from the ingredients that make them. The ingredients used in the manufacture of an antifungal for ringworms are used in the manufacture of the best shampoo for ringworm and best cream for ringworm among other solutions to ringworm problems. Ingredients such as coconut oil, fatty acids, vitamins such as vitamin E and C, emu oil, tea tree oils, colloidal silver, sea buckthorn, neem, keratolytic acid, linoleic, oleic and stearic fatty acids, Aloe vera, witch hazel, lemon essential oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, almond oil and avocado oil among others. Most of these products have the certification of FDA which means that they do not contain dangerous chemicals that can negatively affect the body. The ingredients are active against ringworms hence they eliminate the infection, repair the skin and provide protection to the body.

There exists various antifungal for ringworms that you can use. However, you will have to check the ingredients making the antifungal of your choice. Ensure that it is not made of ingredients that you are allergic. Moreover, you should choose carefully depending on the type of ringworms that you are suffering from. Do not get your lifestyle to be changed by a threat that you can easily eliminate. Get an antifungal for yourself, your family or your pet and live a healthy life.

How to avoid itchy dry skin this winter for less than $5 a month

If you’re like me, wintertime means cracked, dry skin and an itchy body. That is, of course, if we don’t take the time to solve the problem. And sometimes it’s not just time, but it’s also the budget.

avoid itchy dry skin

To get what I need, I search online for the best deals. I find reviews that can help me make a smart decision about the products I need.

For example, I figured out how to keep my skin moisturized for less than five dollars a month. I’m not using dollar store lotions, either.

First, I looked for the best body washes for dry skin. Many of these shower soaps don’t have the harsh sulfates that strip away natural oil. Even though they lather away grime, they hydrate to relieve itchiness. Then, my family members who don’t like applying moisturizer still walk away with soft skin from their bath.

Next, I found the best body moisturizers for dry skin. These lotions are packed with humectants and emollients plus soothing ingredients like ceramides and niacinamide. That may sound like chemistry textbook language, and it is. Simply put, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your skin healthier.

Finally, dry skin can make a person look older. I switched to one of the best face washes for dry skin. After about a week of using it every day, it was like looking at my younger self in the mirror. I chose one that dissolves makeup, and that keeps expenses down as well.

While the initial cost of purchasing these three products is more than five dollars, they don’t run out in a month’s time. So that’s how I stopped suffering with dry, itchy skin last winter. And it’s how I plan to stay comfortable during this one, too.

Nail Supply Santa Clara

Most companies providing nail supply in Santa Clara offer a range of products that comply with health and human care standards and may also help in providing the best results that customers need. Most of the products that are offered by the professional nail supply stores in Santa Clara make sure to deal with most of the nail care tasks that people are obsessed with while taking care of their nails at home or at salon facilities.

Nail supply Santa Clara

There are companies that offer nail supply and accessories separately, including the nail polishes, different types of nail lacquer, nail gels, glitter, nail stones and nail curing lamps for better results.

Depending on what you will need or what you think you need to buy for your professional use, you may find the best nail supply in Santa Clara.

Most commonly the important thing is to get quality products, with the best features and latest technologies that suit the daily needs of the user at an affordable cost.

Finding the best supplier should be done with care as there could be companies advertised as the best ones but may not specialize to give the best products in any way. In case if you have sorted one or more trusted nail care kits suppliers offering lots of related products as well, you can continue to deal with them after making sure they have what you need to get from them.

In addition to that, you must be knowing if they deliver quality products with a surety and will back their products to the extent that the customers would feel satisfied and happy by using the products as they provide the results that are desired and would be easier to accomplish.

Products you can get from the nail supply stores in Santa Clara

Sometimes it becomes obvious to have the nail care products, nail colors, and the accessories in order to get the salon finish on your nails. Most of the nail care salons offer a range of nail treatments and nail color options that most customers may prefer to obtain, but if you are looking to complete your nail treatment at home you may also follow the same tricks and get the perfect look on your nails.

The most common things that people prefer to get from the nail supply stores may relate to the nail care products, nail art and the basics tools and accessories that help in completing the treatment on nails without damaging them.

Here are the most commonly provided products in the nail care and accessories line:

The nail colors

Nail colors are provided with a range of options. These are quick and easy to dry out without getting into further hassles. All you need is the right color and proper application of the colors on the nails after the detailed manicure and the color would add beauty and shine on the nails. Nail colors are available in a range of options from light to dark and from shiny to gloomy shades for providing the shade a user needs.

Nail gels and dipping powder

Most nail supplies these days include a wide range of nail gels and nail dipping powder system to give extra shiny and perfectly finished nails that give glossy look and deep colors. These are also provided by the top manufacturers offering as: SNS, Nugenesis, LDS Nails a range of various nail colors and gel for professional use and can be used at home with proper procedures and equipment for curing the nails to perfection.

Nail base and top coats

In addition to the nail colors and dipping powder that give perfect color on the nails, the shiny and glossy look that last longer and sustain its beauty is supported by the top and base coats that not only protect the nails but also help in improving the overall look and health of the nails.

Nail art supplies

Nail art supplies also are there to let the nail artists experiment with the looks with the help of stones, stamps and other such things to create better design and artistic looks on the nails.

All these kinds of nail care and art supplies are considered to be important when you need to look for the best nail supply store in town.

Want to Get Rid of Cracked Heels for Summer?

Dare to bare

Are you ready to Dare to Bare and get rid of your dry, cracked heels for summer?  If so then this deal is for you.

On sale for 3 days only is our Two-for-One French Foot Formulas by Votre Vu!

Get a step ahead of sandal season with Votre Vu’s Très Magni-Feet foot scrub ($32) and crème, handcrafted in France of select natural ingredients and available at half off during our Dare to Bare three-day offer. Purchase Très Magni-Feet Exfoliant Wednesday, May 22 through Friday, May 24 and receive a FREE full-sized Très Magni-Feet Crème ($29) for a full-on French pedicure chez vous. C’mon, get strappy!

The scrub is made of delicate pieces of benevolent bamboo, which gently removes roughness and excess dead cells leaving feet clean, supple and rejuvenated. The crème completes the foot care treatment by nourishing, protecting the skin, and providing long-lasting smoothness.

Shop, stock up and save at today! Attention, s’il vous plaît! Your free Très Magni-Feet Crème will not show up on your online order form … but most certainly will be included with your shipment.  Enjoy!

Our “Bare to Dare” special runs Wednesday, May 22 (12:01 am CST) through Friday, May 24 (midnight CST).

If you think this is just one of those “Me Too” foot products, think again!  Better yet, watch these two short videos to see why you need to treat your feet now!

Join my team

Thanks for opening this page. If you are already in direct sales and are looking for a change or if you have never been in direct sales and are curious, I can help!

Votre Vu offers a first class direct sales business opportunity you can conduct from the comfort of your home.

If you’d like to learn about Votre Vu and why I got involved, below is my  interview from The Work at Home Woman.

Tell us a little bit about Votre Vu and how you got started.

Votre Vu uses a family-owned, custom-blending, award winning skincare lab in France that’s been making luxury skincare for over 80 years and has access to the best ingredients from around the world.  Our products are hand blended by master formulators and crafted by doctors, scientists, chemists and pharmacists.  We offer luxurious, affordable  and effective high quality skin care at reasonable prices.

I got involved with the company pre-launch.  At the time I repped another line and was not satisfied with the results, so I guess you can say my ears were open to hearing what someone else had to say.  After spending hours and hours researching, I decided to make a change and have been full steam ahead over the past 18 months.

What did you do before joining Votre Vu ?

Before selling skin care, I ran a home based faux painting business with a friend.  I loved the work but it was hard and I ended up with a neck injury.  Before that I was a stay at home mom (still love that job) and before that I was a manufacture’s rep for a major floor covering company.

How many hours do you work a week and how much is spent is your home office?

Good questions since it is spread out over the day. 25 – 30 hours a week with about 60% of that being in my office – on the phone or on the computer. Looks like I need to get out more.

How did you fund your business?

We have low entry costs so it only took about $300 to get up and running.  My first faux painting class cost me $1200 and that didn’t even include a paint brush.

How would you rate your success from 0 – 10?

I gauge success based on the fact I’m still in the game. The first year of a new business is always the toughest since people haven’t heard of you yet.  Here’s a big hand to all direct sellers who stay with a new company.  It’s a jungle out there!  LOL

I am one of about 16 Star Directors in the company.  We have about 2000 Brand Ambassadors located throughout the US so I’m happy with my results.

How do you manage all of your personal and business activities?

Some days better than others.  I’ve given up cooking and cleaning so that gives me a lot of extra time.  LOL.  All kidding aside, I just get up early and sometime work late so I can devote the time I need to my family.  I have teens and a husband who travels so that helps too.  I think of the time someone has to put in who runs a restaurant or a catering business or any other endeavor that keeps them away on weekends/evenings and I know my time commitment pales in comparison.

What has been your biggest business struggle?

Finding others who want the same success that I do.  Many say they want to be entrepreneurs but owning your own business takes a lot more commitment that many realize.  Perhaps it’s because the cost of entry is so low that if they decide to quit, it’s not a big deal.  I have adopted a philosophy that was shared with me called “bless and release” and it allows me to realize I am not in control of what others do or don’t do.  I can only control what I can control and for everything else, I just need to take a deep breath.

What advice would you give to a new direct sales consultant?

Make sure you can your sponsor are a good fit.  If you are really looking to build a business, make sure your sponsor is active and committed.

  • Give it time.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  • Expect more no’s than yes’s.
  • Treat your business as a brick and mortar store and learn to promote it.
  • Network. Be proud of your choice to take control of your future.
  • Speak with conviction.
  • Be a product of the products.  Use whatever it is you are selling.
  • Be of service to others.  Learn how you can help them grow their business and in return your business will grow.
  • People buy from those they know, like and trust.  Just think who you like to do business with and be that person.  Competition is everywhere and you have to figure out how to be the chosen one.
  • Have fun  – after all this isn’t brain surgery.

To learn more about Traci please see Votre Vu

French Women and Red Lipstick

French Women and red lipstick: quintessential chic.

But for me, I just can’t seem to wear it out of the house. Not that it doesn’t look smashing, it’s just that I prefer a more toned down lip. Like one you would get with, say, chapstick.

And up until I turned 50, that was ok. But now, when I look in the mirror, I notice that my lips just aren’t what they used to be. The color isn’t as, well, colorful. And they seem to have gotten smaller.

I’ve used lipstick before, and have at least 15 tubes that smell nasty and feel funky. Or it bleed into my life lines and we all know how unattractive THAT is. Earlier in my adulthood I had tried lipliner too, and failed. Maybe I didn’t know how to apply it, or maybe I just used the wrong products. But looking like a crayon outlined paper cutout was not my idea of beauty.

So what’s an aspiring lip lacking woman to do?

Try it again. And this time I’ve found success with a line of products from the French Skin Care manufactuer Votre Vu. I chose two products from the neutral palette line, Drawmatic Lip Liner in Naked and Babette French Kiss Lipstick.

Here’s a quick recap of how you can make your lips look fuller in less time without injectables or fillers!

The other wonderful thing about this product is not only will it make your lips feel amazing, it will make your heart sing! For every French Accent product sold, Votre Vu donated $1 to The St. Baldricks Foundation and The 46 Mommas as part of the Color it Forward Campaign for pediatric cancer research. Not for just one month, but all year long! Over $25,000 has currently been donated to the cause.

Want to learn more about the history of lipstick? Check out this great article about the Evolution of Lipstick from A Woman’s Paris


How to create the perfect brow with Votre Vu’s Arch De Triumphe

I don’t know about you, but eyebrows, and I mean EYEBROWS, are all the rage right now.  And finding a perfect brow product after years of plucking can create an enormous challenge. Some are to complicated, others don’t stay and most of them just look phony.

But fear not fellow eyebrowless friends, Votre Vu has found the answer with their gel to powder product,  Arch De Triumpe.  Lightweight and water resistant, this long lasting blend of soft waxes, Vitamin E and micronized minerals mimics the sheer and natural highlights of you hair.

And it super easy to apply – just watch below!

Eyebrows frame your face and can give you an instant face lift, making you look younger instantly.  No needles or fillers necessary!

Get your’s today with Votre Vu’s 2 Day Flash Sale and see why Arch De Triumphe finds a home in Jessica’s Alba’s must have products!

Votre vu Flash Sale

Votre Vu and Oprah

Word is getting out about Votre Vu’s French Accents Collection! See what 🙂 has to say.

The Very Best Stay-Put, Smudge-Proof Makeup

Steamy temps, sweaty skin and surprise summer rain showers are no match for the products the pros choose when they need makeup as tenacious as it is gorgeous.

#3. Votre Vu Arch de Triumphe

There are few makeup mess-ups more embarrassing than migrating brow color. Goodwin swears that this silky wax-based brow gel won’t budge. Ever. It comes in four shades and has the same subtle sheen as natural hair. Apply the gel with an angled brow brush, using short, light, upward strokes.

votre vu

What I love about Arch De Triumphe is that it gives you an automatic facelift! Your eyes look bigger and your eyebrows lifted – who doesn’t want that?!

french skin

And your purchase will help support a cause that is near and dear to my heart – Pediatric Cancer Research. For every French Accents cosmetic purchased, Votre Vu donates $1 to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation in support of the 46 Mommas and their efforts to treat and cure pediatric cancers.

Votre Vu’s movie preview!

Forget Magic Mike……..

Ok, maybe not.  But these guys would love to meet a Votre Vu lady and I know that that one of the stars ( “I see a lot of law breakers”) loves our SnapDragon Beauty Beverage!

Votre Vu is ready for the big screen — with accolades from a myriad of prestigious publications and shows including The Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, Redbook Magazine, Allure, Elle, InStyle, Teen Vogue, Essence, The New York Times, WWD, Real Siple, Self, Shape, Zink, People, People StyleWatch, and more. Five stars for Vu’s fabulous French skin care!

What Makes Votre Vu’s Products Unique? Part 1: Award Winning Products

Let’s face it – there are so many choices out there!  Cars, soap, clothes, detergents, coffee.   Sometimes don’t you find yourself  feeling very overwhelmed by the vast selection?  At times my head feels so rattled I  just walk away and leave empty handed.

Skin care is no exception – in fact it can be made even worse by all the marketing hype surrounding looking younger and more beautiful.

Who doesn’t want to believe that this magic cream will make us look like the lastest super model or celebrity of the moment?   So we open our wallets, make the purchase, rush home, slather on the cream and anxiously peer  in the mirror.

Sometimes you get the results you want……..other times it’s just like pouring your money down…..the……drain……..

Money Down the Drain

Money Down the Drain

I want to stop that from happening to you by attempting to help you shift through the glam and glitz of skin care while trying my best to remain objective – which may seem paradoxical since I do SELL a line of skincare.

How will I do this?

While working with a life coach we uncovered a statement that describes me:  I am confidence and reason.  Translation: I don’t do hype.

And while I’ve always considered myself a skeptic, my life coach rephrased it as a Critical Thinker  (love that new way of looking at things!)

So,  based on some things I’ve learned in my 5 + years selling skin care I hope to help you make good decisions.  Please know I am not a scientist or a Dr. but rather a regular person who happens to love learning about skin care.

This is the first part in series on why I believe Votre Vu makes some of the best skin care on the market.

Reason #1:   Award Winning Products!

Votre Vu offers three Victory in Beauty award winners.

1. Best Regard (Normal to Dry ) Serum

2. Attentive (Sensitve) Serum

3. Calm, Cool and Collected Masque

What makes this award so impressive? It’s a prize of excellence voted by the consumers. Yes, the people who actually use the products on a daily basis.

Here’s how the process works:

“The “Victoires de la Beauté” focuses on the cosmetics which attract the consumers. Obtaining a “Victoire de la Beauté” award is the result of two key phases. The phase of pre-selection, performed by an independent analysis laboratory, brings together 100 advised consumers, with a particular interest in the world of beauty. The consumers discuss, evaluate and analyze product effectiveness claims as well as packaging attractiveness. The selected products are submitted to the phase of test in real life, at home situation. A panel of 60 consumers judge effectiveness, pleasure of use and cosmetic qualities of each product. The product-tests are performed as a blind test, under the control and the expertise of independent sensory analysis laboratories, in order to guarantee a fair and objective result” This is a French website – your computer may be able to translate it to English.

Some additional comments from other companies that have won this award:

Our nail strengtheners, Trind™ Nail Repair won the “Oscar” of the cosmetics industry in Paris, the ‘Victoires De La Beauté’ for the “Best Fungal Nail Treatment in France”. The most expensive, and most popular, products in the world covet this award.

The winners of the “Victoires de la beauté” award are renowned in France. This is not just pure chance: the evaluation is carried out completely independently. The test subjects do not know which product from which company she is testing. Only the quality of the product and the impression it makes count.

Pretty impressive, with words like Oscar, covets and renowned.


More Winners:

Portrait Collar Neck Cream won a Best in Beauty Award from Shecky’s in 2010, and in 2009, Les Sorbet, our frozen serum garnered the same award.

SnapDragon, our beauty benefit beverage, received a Most Valuable Product award (slide 4) from Redbook and had a short appearance on Dr. Oz show for great antioxidant drinks.