Best Way to Protect a New Tattoo 2021

Oftentimes, newly inked tattoos get infections and the tattoo wound becomes spoiled. This can lead to devastated conditions if you don’t protect your tattoo properly. A sufficient amount of safety should be provided to the tattoo so that it heals faster and wounds should be avoided.

I am sharing some tips about how to protect your new tattoo.

  • Keep your tattoo covered: Make sure it is covered and no foreign particle interferes with the healing process.
  • Provide sufficient hydration: You should keep it hydrated and nourished to prevent itching and drying of the tattoo.
  • Avoid contamination: You should avoid touching it to prevent contamination of the wound.
  • Prevent infections: Apply a good antiseptic to prevent infections.

Following these steps will definitely keep it protected and allow it to heal.

Some products are really useful to help you follow these tips and keep your tattoed skin safe. These are given as follows.

HerbalXpress LLC Tattoo Salve

Amazon best-selling product B07YL4FJZR

Tattoo Salve by HerbalXpress is produced especially to aid in healing and protecting your new tattoo. It contains natural and herbal oils which provide nutrients to the tattooed area and prevent drying. This is very helpful because a dried inked spot may cause an urge of itching and irritation. The tattoo salve has a buttery consistency which forms a layer over the tattoo and does not let any particle enter the inked area.

Bella Black 100X Tanning Lotion

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If we look at the top tanning lotions for tattooed skin, you’ll find this as the most popular one. It gives you an instant glowing tan which is permanent and stays on skin for long. The product does not cause very extra dark tanning and gives you a to the point, perfect bronzing. The creamy and runny texture of the lotion aids it’s easy application and you can easily rub it over any part of the body to get a tan readily. It contains ingredients which help in soothing and moisturization of dry skin as well as healing of damaged areas. This feature makes it suitable for tattooed skin which requires healing and protection. Continue reading

Top 6 Best Selling Korean Skin Care Products 2020

All of us are aware of Korean beauty treatments and skincare. It would be a lie to tell that you haven’t long wished for the kind of flawless skin K-pop idols have. From slime masks to a 10-step skincare routine, people nowadays try everything to achieve a spotless, glowing face. With this craze of K- beauty products increasing exponentially, you have a large market of competing products to choose from. But how to make a choice? Well, I’m here to help you out. Check my recommendations below.

Cosrx Patch For Acne And Pimples

Amazon best-selling product B01N8XCGIO

The hydrocolloid patch is fragile and sticks tight to your skin. It sticks all the dirt and plucks them out when removed. Providing appropriate hydrating and healing effect flattens the acne in no time and reduces redness or inflammation. With this patch’s usage for a few hours, the pimple or acne starts to flatten without causing any pain. The absorbing mechanism of the patch is excellent as it takes in all the pus and blood, and you won’t be freaked out during its removal.

Keep this product for a few hours on the affected area for the best results. Available in different sizes, choose the one that fits your needs, and enjoy painless removal of acne and pimples.

Dear Klairs Olive Oil, Cleansing Foam

Amazon best-selling product B00PGP0OZK

This cruelty-free, vegan face wash is hypoallergenic and contains no toxic substances. Enriched with olive oil and hyaluronic acid, it provides optimum moisturization to all kinds of skins. You won’t have to worry about dirty pores as it penetrates them and clears out all the grease and gunk.

If you are looking for a deep cleanser to get rid of acne, pimples, and oily skin, this high foam formula is the best Korean cleanser for you. Don’t waste your time and get it today!

Laneige Overnight Sleeping Mask

Amazon best-selling product B004KPYWM8

This special care water mask provides perfect coverage and ease for regular usage. You can apply this overnight and wake up with radiant, gleaming skin. Containing aromatic scents, the product will calm your mind and body and help you take the much-needed beauty sleep. Apt for increasing skin elasticity, it will clear your skin from all the blemishes. Both men and women of all skin types can use this product. The ceramide formula will strengthen all the skin barriers, and liquified snow water will enrich your skin’s clarity.

This gel-like, easy to apply mask is everything that you need. Whether you are struggling with acne or dull skin, dryness, or allergies, this is a one-solution formula. Helping you boost self-confidence, this mask will exceed your expectations while using minimal efforts from your side. Continue reading

Top 5 Best Product for Sagging Skin on Face 2020

Skin loses elasticity with age, but if you can stimulate it, the cell production is restored, allowing you to look youthful even into old age. If you can help your skin rejuvenate naturally, it will glow from inside, and the radiance reflects onto your skin, making you look gorgeous.

Why would you let those fine lines and wrinkles deteriorate your looks? Pick a suitable product for your skin needs from the below and flaunt your flawless skin confidently.

NuDerma Clinical Skin Therapy Wand

Amazon best-selling product B086M3XRK1

The clinical grade wands with a high-frequency system boost the skin’s cellular turnover by various oxygenating layers. This process improves skin elasticity and provides drastically improved results when used in conjunction with a skin cream consistently.

These neon-argon applicator wands are portable and handy to use anywhere. They also offer many skin benefits such as acne treatment apart from tightening. There are six wands in this kit, and each of them stimulates different parts such as the scalp, face, the skin around sensitive parts, and the whole body.

Pure Daily Care Luma – Ion Therapy LED Light Machine

Amazon best-selling product B07PCVW429

The anti-aging and skin firming tool with natural technologies works in 4 modes. They are LED light therapy, wave penetrating cell stimulation, ionic/galvanic channeling, and massage modes. It emits the three lights of red, blue, and green to treat various skin issues.

The wave penetration lifts and firms the skin, along with retaining skin moisture and stimulating collagen production. Ions pull out the impurities and help cream absorption, whereas massage improves muscle tone. Overall, this device offers complete skin care.

NEWKEY Led Light TherapyKorea With PDT Technology

Amazon best-selling product B01MDK70V9

The high quality LED beads to emit seven different lights that offer various therapeutic uses for skin. Your facial skin will be free from wrinkles, fine lines, spots, blemishes, and other signs of aging due to the anti-aging treatment offered by this mask.

Red light improves collagen production; blue light tightens the skin, purple light improves metabolism, which reduces the wrinkles and smoothens your skin. Hence this is the best LED light therapy mask for wrinkles with multiple lights to achieve complete results. Continue reading

SNS Dip Powder Color Can Be an Exceptional Experience

One cannot separate women from nail polish. It has almost become a way of life for women to wear nail polish to enhance their attractiveness quotient. When it comes to a quality manicure, nothing can be better than SNS dip powder color because of various reasons. In this blog, we shall see the benefits of applying dip powder as compared to gel polish.

Why do you need a dip powder job?

If you go through your Instagram feed, you might invariably see some beautiful women showing off their dip powder nail manicure. It is because dip powder ensures a better job than conventional gel polish. The answers to the following questions should drive home the importance of having a dip powder job.

  • Did you have a nail manicure recently only to find your nails chipping off quickly?
  • Have you experienced the chipping away of nail polish immediately on applying the same?
  • Have your nails become softer with continuous application of gel polish?
  • Do you worry about UV exposure when drying your nails?

If the response to each of the four questions is a resounding YES, you should immediately switch over to dip powder. Continue reading

Using LDS Dip Nails Powder to Make 3D Flower Nail Design

Almost everyone loves flowers. However, with climate change, the magnificent scenes created by flowers have significantly diminished. Even so, have you ever imagined bringing the allure of flowers right onto your nails? With LDS Lavis DIP System, you do not have to wait for the right season for the flowers to bloom. The 3D Nail Design is the simplest way to bring to life the bravura flower scenes right on your fingers.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Every moment is a learning opportunity. Do you remember Audrey Hepburn in the famous movie where she used to stand in front of a jewelry store? Imagine the color of the wall lingering in your mind. You can use LDS D01 Breakfast at Tiffany’s to recreate the moment in the movies directly on your fingernails. There are green rhinestones, 3D white flowers, and a green coat that provides the nails with a perfect glitter. By dipping a brush in LDS French White and LDS Liquid Sealer, it is possible to create your flowers instead of having to acquire artificial ones from professional nail supplies or nail shops. It is possible to develop attractive petals by using this technique. Make sure to use rhinestones to accentuate them. Using dip powders to provide the nails with elegant looking flowers instead of purchasing artificial ones ensures that the manicure lasts longer. Continue reading

Rejuvenate Mature Skin with Essential Oils

We’re all aging from the moment that we are born.

But the ravages of time may only start to bother us in our forties.

That’s when mature skin begins to sag and form wrinkles in earnest.

If you’re interested in maintaining as youthful an appearance as possible, keep reading.

I’m going to reveal how to rejuvenate mature skin with essential oils.

Rejuvenate Mature Skin with Essential Oils

Protect Your Skin

Before I begin, there’s something I need to tell you.

You must dilute these oils before you apply them to your skin.

Although you’re unlikely to have an allergic reaction right away if you don’t, you could become sensitized to the oils. Then you would no longer be able to use them.

As I’m sure you don’t want to deal with unpleasant consequences, I’ll trust that you’ll dilute the oils. Diluting won’t weaken their effects.

The easiest formula to remember is for every two or three drops of essential oil, use 1 teaspoon of a carrier oil.

Carrier oils are also made from plants.  For mature skin, use evening primrose, grapeseed, rosehip, or jojoba oil.

Essential Oils That Revive Aging Skin

Now, let’s talk about the best essential oils for aging skin.

First, there’s frankincense. It’s one of my favorite healing oils.

Frankincense reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It firms the skin and shrinks scars and stretch marks. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Nail Art That You Can Wear All-Year Round

Valentine’s Day is a one day event that women look forward to every year. The hair, the dress, the makeup and most importantly, the nails needs to be perfect for this special event. But not all women have the time needed to prepare so we took the liberty to create a list of nail ideas that you can wear not just on Valentine’s day but any time of the year.

valentines day nail art

1. Floral Pattern on Powder Blue Nails

This nail art is perfect not only for Heart’s Day but also for baptismal or simply attending the Sunday church. The pastel blue base coat will go well on any dress and the white 3D floral pattern compliments the look beautifully. The good thing about this look is that LDS D85 Be-You-Tiful Blue has a very light shade of blue so it’s not too loud on the nails yet it is very trendy. Use the white polish of your choice to create the floral pattern.

Continue reading

Antifungal for Ringworm

One of the most known fungal infections is the ringworms. Fungal infection can affect different parts of the body leading to the emergence of ringworms of the body, ringworms of the foot, ringworms of the scalp, ringworms of the hand, ringworms of the groin, ringworms of the face, ringworms of the beard, and ringworms of the nails. All these types of ringworms can be treated using an antifungal for ringworms. The antifungal can be in form of soap, cream or even shampoo all which are made specifically to neutralize the ringworms threat.

Antifungal for Ringworm

The different types of ringworms are named according to the arts they affect. Ringworms of the body tend to affect the whole skin and the infected part has some sharply defined edges. Those of the foot affect the areas between the fingers while ringworms of the scalp leading to bald dry patches on the head. Ringworms of the hand mostly affect the spaces between the fingers and the palm, those of the face occur on the other parts of the face apart from the areas where beards grow, those of the beard affect areas where the beards grow while ringworms of the nails affect the nails making the brittle, opaque, thick or yellow.  With the existence of such types of ringworms, dermatologists have come up with several antifungal cream for ringworm. Continue reading

How to avoid itchy dry skin this winter for less than $5 a month

If you’re like me, wintertime means cracked, dry skin and an itchy body. That is, of course, if we don’t take the time to solve the problem. And sometimes it’s not just time, but it’s also the budget.

avoid itchy dry skin

To get what I need, I search online for the best deals. I find reviews that can help me make a smart decision about the products I need.

For example, I figured out how to keep my skin moisturized for less than five dollars a month. I’m not using dollar store lotions, either.

First, I looked for the best body washes for dry skin. Many of these shower soaps don’t have the harsh sulfates that strip away natural oil. Even though they lather away grime, they hydrate to relieve itchiness. Then, my family members who don’t like applying moisturizer still walk away with soft skin from their bath.

Next, I found the best body moisturizers for dry skin. These lotions are packed with humectants and emollients plus soothing ingredients like ceramides and niacinamide. That may sound like chemistry textbook language, and it is. Simply put, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your skin healthier.

Continue reading

Nail Supply Santa Clara

Most companies providing nail supply in Santa Clara offer a range of products that comply with health and human care standards and may also help in providing the best results that customers need. Most of the products that are offered by the professional nail supply stores in Santa Clara make sure to deal with most of the nail care tasks that people are obsessed with while taking care of their nails at home or at salon facilities.

Nail supply Santa Clara

There are companies that offer nail supply and accessories separately, including the nail polishes, different types of nail lacquer, nail gels, glitter, nail stones and nail curing lamps for better results.

Depending on what you will need or what you think you need to buy for your professional use, you may find the best nail supply in Santa Clara. Continue reading