Best Dip Nail Colors to Attract Guys

Dressing up to attract guys is natural for women, especially those looking for dates. So, young women love to do everything they can to entice eligible bachelors. They dress well and like to look glamorous. While you take extreme care to dress up provocatively, your nails play a critical role in enhancing your overall beauty. OPI nail powder is available in exciting shades to make you look more gorgeous. Here are some exquisite dip nail colors you can use on your nails to entice your guy and keep him enamored.

Attractive Nail Colors to Entice Men


Best Dip Nail Colors to Attract Guys

Lavender is the coolest of all colors. Secondly, men love women to wear floral designs, and there can be no better color to describe florals than lavender. The exciting aspect of lavender is that it is available in various hues, from light purple to deep violets. No color is more endearing than lavender to hold a man’s attention. Secondly, having a matching outfit for your lavender dip nail colors would be excellent.


Best Dip Nail Colors to Attract Guys

Men love their gals to be tender and loving. Magenta is the best choice for your nails as it brings out the feeling of love and tenderness the best. Magenta is unique because it is neither too bright nor subtle. So, it presents the perfect amount of grace and womanliness your man would love to see in you. Besides, magenta is ideal for your nails throughout the year, regardless of the season and occasion.

Ruby red

Best Dip Nail Colors to Attract Guys

Red has built a massive reputation for being the most sensual of all nail colors. Ruby red has an advantage as it suits almost every attire, from classical Eastern dresses to the most modern Western garments. The ruby red is perfect for your winter clothing. So, it is an ideal shade on your nails if you wish to go skiing with your partner in the Alps. Ruby red is the most attractive and alluring shade of all.

Crimson red

Best Dip Nail Colors to Attract Guys

Many women find ruby red a bit intimidating because of its bright demeanor. So, crimson red should be an ideal choice as it is usually considered a subdued red shade. Secondly, women typically choose crimson red lipstick as this color represents blood more than any other shade. So, it can enhance your glamor and attraction quotient by several notches when you pair your lipstick with crimson-colored nails. This shade can ramp up your sex appeal and endear you to your guy.


Best Dip Nail Colors to Attract Guys

Ruby and crimson red are more suited for winter because they are deep colors. These shades are not ideally recommended for spring and summer. The corals are better options as they look natural and make you prettier than you look. So, if you wish to introduce the fun element and subtlety simultaneously, you can have the corals as your OPI nail powder choice.

Nude colors

Best Dip Nail Colors to Attract Guys

Nudes are universal choices for nails because they suit every possible skin tone. The fair-skinned women can go for the lighter hues, whereas the tanned beauties can plump for darker tinges. These colors make you look as natural as possible while enhancing your overall beauty. Hence, these shades appeal to men more than the others. The interesting feature of the nudes is that they are perfect for people who wish to maintain a low profile. Such people can leave the flashy reds to the extroverts.

Ballet pink

Dancing with your partner is an exciting feeling that can push adrenaline to high levels. No color can beat the ballet pinks as you match your loved one step-for-step on the dance floor. These colors are simple and suit almost all occasions, official or family gatherings. Secondly, the ballet pinks are as close as possible to your skin tone after the nudes. So, we recommend these shades for conservative women who love their nail colors to do the talking.

Emerald green

Best Dip Nail Colors to Attract Guys

Emerald green nails suit your golden jewelry more than the other colors, especially if you have a tinge of metallic gold dip nail colors on it. This classy and elegant nail hue suits redheads the most because of the contrasting shades. These beautiful OPI nail powder colors are perfect for formal meetings and dinner dates because they are easily noticeable when you shake someone’s hand. This beautiful green shade evokes immediate appreciation and thus helps you connect to your guy easily.

Final Thoughts

OPI nail powder offers hundreds of color options for women to entice their boyfriends. We have discussed the eight popular shades women globally love on their nails. All these eight choices are perfect for attracting your man and ensuring that he remains yours. However, we advise young women to use dip powder colors that best suit their skin tone.