SNS Dip Powder Color Can Be an Exceptional Experience

One cannot separate women from nail polish. It has almost become a way of life for women to wear nail polish to enhance their attractiveness quotient. When it comes to a quality manicure, nothing can be better than SNS dip powder color because of various reasons. In this blog, we shall see the benefits of applying dip powder as compared to gel polish.

Why do you need a dip powder job?

If you go through your Instagram feed, you might invariably see some beautiful women showing off their dip powder nail manicure. It is because dip powder ensures a better job than conventional gel polish. The answers to the following questions should drive home the importance of having a dip powder job.

  • Did you have a nail manicure recently only to find your nails chipping off quickly?
  • Have you experienced the chipping away of nail polish immediately on applying the same?
  • Have your nails become softer with continuous application of gel polish?
  • Do you worry about UV exposure when drying your nails?

If the response to each of the four questions is a resounding YES, you should immediately switch over to dip powder.

Benefits of Dip Powder Polish

  • Dip powder lasts for a minimum of three to four weeks, compared to gel polish that does not last as long. Acrylic polish can also last long, but they have other disadvantages.
  • While dip powder is easy to remove, so is gel polish. However, it is a challenge to get rid of acrylic polish.
  • Dip powder does not have harsh chemicals in it when compared to acrylic. Acrylic nails can smell awful because of the harmful chemicals present in them.
  • Gel polish also has harsh chemicals that can make your nail beds soft and brittle.
  • Dip powder does not require any UV treatment for curing, whereas gel polish does.
  • Nails treated with dip powder do not chip away and stay healthy.

Now, that you know the benefits of dip powder, shall we see how to apply SNS colors.

How to get the perfect SNS Nails using dip powder?

Though it is always better to go to a professional nail technician for a manicure, you can do the dip powder job at home. Here is the procedure to follow.

  • The initial preparation of the nails is vital. You should ensure to remove the cuticles and buff the nail surface. It removes the dead cells and smooths out the sharp edges.
  • Clean your nails thoroughly and apply a base Coat on the nail. Dip the nail into the dip powder. Shake off the excess dust from the nail by using a smooth brush. Do not use harsh strokes, or you might end up removing more powder than needed.
  • Repeat the procedure at least twice to ensure a perfect job.
  • Apply the activator on the nails to harden the powder. Let this solution dry. It will not take much time.
  • Once it dries, you can shape your nails using a sterile nail file. Smooth your SNS nails using a buffing block.
  • Apply the Activator again on the nails to get a perfect coat.
  • Allow it to dry.
  • Finally, apply the topcoat to complete the job. This coat will not take more than a minute to dry.
  • Repeat the procedure of each of your fingers to get an exquisite nail manicure.

It is better if you use SNS dipping powderbecause of its inherent qualities. This product is available in an extensive range of colors and does not harm your nails or skin.

This nail manicure can last for up to three weeks without needing a top-up job. Let us now see how easy it is to remove dip powder from your nails.

The Removal Procedure

  • Use a sterile nail file to break the seal of dip powder from your nails. You need to do so to enable the acetone to soak into the manicure.
  • On removing the topcoat, use an acetone wrap (cotton ball soaked in acetone) on your nail.
  • Leave it for approximately ten minutes and let the acetone soak into the nail.
  • Remove the wrap and wipe off the polish.
  • It should peel off smoothly. If it does not come off, do not peel or file it. Let the acetone soak for some more time. The polish should come off smoothly without any effort from your side.

The most significant advantage of using dip powder is that the SNS dipping powder colors do not chip off. They remain healthy.

Final Words

Dip powder is the best thing to happen to women today. It has given them the freedom to expose their nails to UV radiation. It has also eliminated the chipping of nails. Thus, SNS dip color can do a perfect nail manicure. Every woman should use this product to enhance their overall beauty quotient.