Using LDS Dip Nails Powder to Make 3D Flower Nail Design

Almost everyone loves flowers. However, with climate change, the magnificent scenes created by flowers have significantly diminished. Even so, have you ever imagined bringing the allure of flowers right onto your nails? With LDS Lavis DIP System, you do not have to wait for the right season for the flowers to bloom. The 3D Nail Design is the simplest way to bring to life the bravura flower scenes right on your fingers.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Every moment is a learning opportunity. Do you remember Audrey Hepburn in the famous movie where she used to stand in front of a jewelry store? Imagine the color of the wall lingering in your mind. You can use LDS D01 Breakfast at Tiffany’s to recreate the moment in the movies directly on your fingernails. There are green rhinestones, 3D white flowers, and a green coat that provides the nails with a perfect glitter. By dipping a brush in LDS French White and LDS Liquid Sealer, it is possible to create your flowers instead of having to acquire artificial ones from professional nail supplies or nail shops. It is possible to develop attractive petals by using this technique. Make sure to use rhinestones to accentuate them. Using dip powders to provide the nails with elegant looking flowers instead of purchasing artificial ones ensures that the manicure lasts longer.

3D Smoke Blue Floral Nails

It is excellent that you have learned how to use LDS Liquid Sealer and nail dip powder to make flowers. You have to be more creative and playful if you want to achieve different colorful and elegant designs. The nails designs can be worn when you want to match your summer OOTD or at a beach wedding. Combining LDS D132 Escape the Ordinary and LDS D09 Smoke Blue creates an allure that perfectly matches the ocean environment. Gold adornment can be used to accentuate the 3D flowers on your nails hence making them more unique. Also, ensure that your flowers get completely baked by using LED or UV light to cure the nails for just 30 seconds.

Ombre Nails with White Flowers

By now, decorating your nails with flowers should have become the easiest thing to do. Even so, you can take your skills to the next level to jazz up your summer by creating ombre nails. Any color matches well with the LDS D74 Black List. In this case, we should use black-yellow ombre, black-blue ombre, and black-purple ombre. Even when the summer ends, the ombre technique remains functional because the aim was to create flowers that do not depend on the weather or seasons.

It is possible to create a small flower on top of a bigger one. The double-layer helps you create more flowers instead of one, and it makes them look more realistic and elegant. Due to the stunning nature of the ombre effect, there is no adornment in the design. The design is advantageous because it makes use of LDS Liquid Sealer Dry and nails dipping powder, which are constituents of LDS dipping powder that lasts three times longer than the artificial flowers. The sealer dry characteristic of the resultant coating also enables you to do your usual chores without worrying about chipping or cracking.

LDS Products That You Must Have to Make 3D Flowers Nail Design

LDS D143 Crème De La Crème

IT does not matter how you use this product. You can use it in its natural form or as a finale to get the best sugar-effect floral. This product can make your nails look like those of a queen. Maintaining it is easy, and it beautifies your fingernails and your whole self in the best way possible.

LDS Liquid Sealer Dry

The LDS Liquid Sealer Dry helps add a layer that boosts the beauty and shine of your nails. The coating does not only make your nails look elegant, but it provides extra protection that each person longs for. With the additional protection on the nails, trust me, it will take a month before you can think about re-fixing your nails. Of course, you need other products such as LDS base powder, LDS clear powder, and LDS liquid gel base if you want to make your nails more elegant.


LDS dip powders have a hoard of uses all meant to make your nails beautiful. Out of all the designs, have you ever thought of drawing flowers on your nails? Maybe the thought has crossed your mind a few times. This article presents you with the design and the products you need. You do not have to wait to see flowers on trees. You can paint them on your nails in the easiest way possible. You can go for designs like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 3D Smoke Blue Floral Nails, or Ombre Nails with White Flowers. Nonetheless, you will need products like LDS D143 Crème De La Crème or LDS Liquid Sealer Dry to make it possible.