The Kinds of Nail Polish OPI You Can’t Miss

Nail polish OPI is always one of the most effective assistants to help women get beautiful and attractive nails whenever they appear anywhere.

As a beautiful girl, don’t forget to pay attention and take care of your nails as much as possible so that your image is always beautiful. Nail polish OPI colors can be an “effective arm” to help women get attractive and perfect nails.

The Kinds of Nail Polish OPI You Can't Miss

OPI nail polish not only has the effect of embellishing your nails more impressively, but the composition of OPI nail polish also contains good, well-researched nutrients to help regenerate and nourish nails. In this article, we will introduce to you the best OPI gel colors nail polish lines that you should not miss.

The Best OPI Nail Polish Lines That You Should Not Miss

OPI is a leading company in the nail industry with headquarters in the US. Nail polish OPI is the most famous brand specializing in nail polish products in the US and the popularity of OPI nail gel polish colors is among the top in the world. OPI’s nail polish product was launched on the market by OPI’s founder Mr. George Chaeffer, it was first introduced in 1981. Today, OPI has launched and introduced to consumers a total of more than 36 different collections, nail polish collections with rich colors expressed. The styles are diverse and meet the needs of all clients. Here are the best OPI gel colors nail polishlines are making beauty enthusiasts around the world.

Nail Polish OPI Nail Lacquer

Nail polish OPI Nail Lacquer has a natural color, each color is very smooth and has a moderate gloss. In addition, OPI Nail Lacquer paint also works to nourish nails and limit yellowing of nails. In particular, this paint line is very durable. OPI Nail Lacquer’s palette is very diverse, with up to 200 colors with many different tones from gentle style to personality.

OPI Color Paints: Includes 9 youthful and personality paint colors such as silver (P19), bright yellow (P20), red orange (P21), lotus pink (P22), cherry red (P23) ), dark purple (P24), dark blue (P25), dark navy blue (P26) and green (P27).

OPI Starlight: Up to 18 metallic or pearlescent glitter colors. The most popular colors in this collection are purplish red (G35), mother-of-pearl silver (G40), gold with glitter (G43), deep red with shimmer (G45) and pink. silver (G47).

OPI Venice: With 12 paint colors inspired by noble Italy, including: red (V26), nude (V28), pinkish red (V30), dark purple (V35) and mystical black (V36).

Nail Polish OPI Infinite Shine

This line of OPI polish has not cooled down since its launch until now. OPI Infinite Shine is a gel nail polish that lasts up to 14 days thanks to OPI’s proprietary color technology. The nails will become much more beautiful when combined with natural light, you will look attractive every time you appear.

OPI Infinite Shine nail polish colors palette has about 150 diverse colors. In particular, pastel colors are always the best-selling nail polish colors.

Regarding the benignity of OPI Infinite Shine, you can be completely assured because OPI always aims to produce products that help protect healthy and beautiful nails.

Nail Polish OPI Gel Colors

OPI Gel Polish Color has over 180 different colors and this gel colors collection is the first organic type of gel nail polish, which is certified for high quality by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Besides that, with the criteria of 5 “No” such as: removing the 5 most harmful chemicals commonly found in all nail polish brands that the other nail polish brands can do, including: Formaldehyde Resin, Formaldehyde, Camphor, Dibutyl Phthalate and Toluene (DBP). So, this gel polish color is the best OPI gel colors, which can be used for both pregnant woman, kids and elderly women.

Final thought

With the composition of 85% organic essence including essential oils and vitamins, keratin, … to prevent your nails from the bad effects of nail polish on real nails such as yellow nails, nail fungus, broken nails, … It also helps keep your nails healthy. You are always looking for the best nail polish, so why not choose some colors to add to your “wish list” and take nail polish OPI products to make your nail attractive.