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Thanks for opening this page. If you are already in direct sales and are looking for a change or if you have never been in direct sales and are curious, I can help!

Votre Vu offers a first class direct sales business opportunity you can conduct from the comfort of your home.

If you’d like to learn about Votre Vu and why I got involved, below is my  interview from The Work at Home Woman.

Tell us a little bit about Votre Vu and how you got started.

Votre Vu uses a family-owned, custom-blending, award winning skincare lab in France that’s been making luxury skincare for over 80 years and has access to the best ingredients from around the world.  Our products are hand blended by master formulators and crafted by doctors, scientists, chemists and pharmacists.  We offer luxurious, affordable  and effective high quality skin care at reasonable prices.

I got involved with the company pre-launch.  At the time I repped another line and was not satisfied with the results, so I guess you can say my ears were open to hearing what someone else had to say.  After spending hours and hours researching, I decided to make a change and have been full steam ahead over the past 18 months.

What did you do before joining Votre Vu ?

Before selling skin care, I ran a home based faux painting business with a friend.  I loved the work but it was hard and I ended up with a neck injury.  Before that I was a stay at home mom (still love that job) and before that I was a manufacture’s rep for a major floor covering company.

How many hours do you work a week and how much is spent is your home office?

Good questions since it is spread out over the day. 25 – 30 hours a week with about 60% of that being in my office – on the phone or on the computer. Looks like I need to get out more.

How did you fund your business?

We have low entry costs so it only took about $300 to get up and running.  My first faux painting class cost me $1200 and that didn’t even include a paint brush.

How would you rate your success from 0 – 10?

I gauge success based on the fact I’m still in the game. The first year of a new business is always the toughest since people haven’t heard of you yet.  Here’s a big hand to all direct sellers who stay with a new company.  It’s a jungle out there!  LOL

I am one of about 16 Star Directors in the company.  We have about 2000 Brand Ambassadors located throughout the US so I’m happy with my results.

How do you manage all of your personal and business activities?

Some days better than others.  I’ve given up cooking and cleaning so that gives me a lot of extra time.  LOL.  All kidding aside, I just get up early and sometime work late so I can devote the time I need to my family.  I have teens and a husband who travels so that helps too.  I think of the time someone has to put in who runs a restaurant or a catering business or any other endeavor that keeps them away on weekends/evenings and I know my time commitment pales in comparison.

What has been your biggest business struggle?

Finding others who want the same success that I do.  Many say they want to be entrepreneurs but owning your own business takes a lot more commitment that many realize.  Perhaps it’s because the cost of entry is so low that if they decide to quit, it’s not a big deal.  I have adopted a philosophy that was shared with me called “bless and release” and it allows me to realize I am not in control of what others do or don’t do.  I can only control what I can control and for everything else, I just need to take a deep breath.

What advice would you give to a new direct sales consultant?

Make sure you can your sponsor are a good fit.  If you are really looking to build a business, make sure your sponsor is active and committed.

  • Give it time.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  • Expect more no’s than yes’s.
  • Treat your business as a brick and mortar store and learn to promote it.
  • Network. Be proud of your choice to take control of your future.
  • Speak with conviction.
  • Be a product of the products.  Use whatever it is you are selling.
  • Be of service to others.  Learn how you can help them grow their business and in return your business will grow.
  • People buy from those they know, like and trust.  Just think who you like to do business with and be that person.  Competition is everywhere and you have to figure out how to be the chosen one.
  • Have fun  – after all this isn’t brain surgery.

To learn more about Traci please see Votre Vu