The 6 Best Nail Trends for Summer 2021

2020 was challenging for everyone, with the global pandemic throwing the entire world out of gear. It had negatives in economic downturns, lockdowns, travel restrictions, medical emergencies, and so on. Simultaneously, one of the exciting positives is that people have mastered the art of having nail manicures at home.

We welcome 2021, wishing that the new year will bring good things with it. Among other aspects, let us look at some specific nail trends for the summer of 2021. As we approach summer, it is time for us to let go of the darker colors and look forward to wearing light, vibrant, and feminine shades. DND gel polish collection offers a massive range of nail polish colors to choose from and make this 2021 summer one to remember for a long time.

Top Nail Trends for Summer

Coral Red – Come what may, red will never go out of fashion

Women love to demand attention from everyone, and red colored-nails do it perfectly for them. It is a classic choice for years to come and go. The summer of 2021 will witness specific shades of red, like coral red, ruling the roost.

Though women hesitated to use this deep red color in the past, it is trending hot today. You find women at the party and at the beach, both sporting bright, red-colored nail manicures comfortably.

However, you should ensure to keep your coral red nails neat and tidy all the time, as chipped polish can look ugly. Coral Red is one of the best DND gel polish summer colors you can hope to wear.

Minty Green – Experience the highest levels of calmness and tranquility

After a difficult and harrowing 2020, it is natural that you would like to have a calm and reassuring 2021. Minty green should be the perfect color to grace your nails this summer. As it is a natural shade, it rivals the pinks you love to wear every day. Though the minty green hue requires a lot of confidence to pull off, it is surprisingly versatile because it can gel with all skin tones.

Explore the DND gel polish to add the minty green hues to your repertoire.

Candy Pink – Can you ever let go of Candy Pink?

You must be tired of wearing dark colors throughout the winter months. If you are waiting for the summer season to start shining through, your nails should also be ready to get the perfect makeover they deserve. It is the right time to switch over to the lighter hues and make a compelling style statement.

Candy pink is a classic shade that every woman would love to have on her nails. Besides suiting all skin tones, this color is ideal for all nail lengths and shapes. The exciting aspect of choosing Candy pink from your DND nail gel polish collection is that you can have a matching lipstick to go with your nails.

White – White is a timeless beauty

Now that businesses have started functioning again, you will be busy with your office work. Naturally, the monochromatic look is the ideal one for the office. Can there be a better color than pristine white to lend a glamourous touch to your nails?

White, a timeless classic, is a neutral shade that gels perfectly with all your garments. Besides, it is the perfect color to suit every occasion.

You should never shy away from adding the white hue to your DND gel polish and proudly display your nails on social media. White lives up to its reputation for being an unflattering color.

Jacaranda – A stunning color that you could pull off

By the time winter ends, you will find the spring season blooming away. It is the perfect time to match your nail colors with the flowers lining your driveway. The best color combo you can go for is the bluish-purple hue, also known as Jacaranda.

Besides matching hues with the flowers on the trees, this color is one of the most feminine to find. Though it looks different from the others, it is worth trying out, especially if you have a fair skin tone.

Orange – Make a fashion statement

If you love creating interesting contrasts, you should try out the orange hues. This color has a close association with warmth and sunshine, two aspects you will encounter in plenty in the summer months.

The best aspect of orange is that it looks fabulous on people with neutral skin tones. It pairs beautifully with other neutral colors and makes you the focal point of attraction wherever you go.

If you want to make a compelling fashion statement and stand out amongst your peers, orange is the color you should plump for as your summer trend.


Now that we have discussed some of the most beautiful shades to wear this summer, you should stock up your DND gels accordingly. Have a great time experimenting with these beautiful colors and shine on your social media handles.