Valentine’s Day Nail Art That You Can Wear All-Year Round

Valentine’s Day is a one day event that women look forward to every year. The hair, the dress, the makeup and most importantly, the nails needs to be perfect for this special event. But not all women have the time needed to prepare so we took the liberty to create a list of nail ideas that you can wear not just on Valentine’s day but any time of the year.

valentines day nail art

1. Floral Pattern on Powder Blue Nails

This nail art is perfect not only for Heart’s Day but also for baptismal or simply attending the Sunday church. The pastel blue base coat will go well on any dress and the white 3D floral pattern compliments the look beautifully. The good thing about this look is that LDS D85 Be-You-Tiful Blue has a very light shade of blue so it’s not too loud on the nails yet it is very trendy. Use the white polish of your choice to create the floral pattern.

2. Gentle Pink with Accented White Flowers Designs

LDS D130 Innocence live up to its name because it looks very innocent and gentle but it looks good on the nails. It gives the nails a nude effect and the floral detail on the side makes it perfect not just for Valentine’s Day but it will also work on wedding day. The look is very easy to recreate but the finish product is so soothing and feminine.

3. Sugar Coated Flower on Light Blue-Green Nails

If you fancy blue or green DND nails without the brightness, you should give this light blue-green nails a try. Not only it easy on the eye but it will also give your date the impression that you have a good taste when it comes to making yourself look presentable. Framing a beautiful floral design sugar-coated with LDS D76 Mint my mind leaves you with a pretty elegant nail design.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be always about hearts, red and balloons. Sometimes you can also let other people know that you are happily in love without going big on small details. Sometimes in fashion, less is more and that is not a bad thing. This nails can be recreated easily by using the same set of products and you can come up with limitless set of designs. You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s day to wear this nail arts because you can wear them any time of the day without being out of season and besides floral designs always goes well with almost anything.