What Makes Votre Vu’s Products Unique? Part 1: Award Winning Products

Let’s face it – there are so many choices out there!  Cars, soap, clothes, detergents, coffee.   Sometimes don’t you find yourself  feeling very overwhelmed by the vast selection?  At times my head feels so rattled I  just walk away and leave empty handed.

Skin care is no exception – in fact it can be made even worse by all the marketing hype surrounding looking younger and more beautiful.

Who doesn’t want to believe that this magic cream will make us look like the lastest super model or celebrity of the moment?   So we open our wallets, make the purchase, rush home, slather on the cream and anxiously peer  in the mirror.

Sometimes you get the results you want……..other times it’s just like pouring your money down…..the……drain……..

Money Down the Drain

Money Down the Drain

I want to stop that from happening to you by attempting to help you shift through the glam and glitz of skin care while trying my best to remain objective – which may seem paradoxical since I do SELL a line of skincare.

How will I do this?

While working with a life coach we uncovered a statement that describes me:  I am confidence and reason.  Translation: I don’t do hype.

And while I’ve always considered myself a skeptic, my life coach rephrased it as a Critical Thinker  (love that new way of looking at things!)

So,  based on some things I’ve learned in my 5 + years selling skin care I hope to help you make good decisions.  Please know I am not a scientist or a Dr. but rather a regular person who happens to love learning about skin care.

This is the first part in series on why I believe Votre Vu makes some of the best skin care on the market.

Reason #1:   Award Winning Products!

Votre Vu offers three Victory in Beauty award winners.

1. Best Regard (Normal to Dry ) Serum

2. Attentive (Sensitve) Serum

3. Calm, Cool and Collected Masque

What makes this award so impressive? It’s a prize of excellence voted by the consumers. Yes, the people who actually use the products on a daily basis.

Here’s how the process works:

“The “Victoires de la Beauté” focuses on the cosmetics which attract the consumers. Obtaining a “Victoire de la Beauté” award is the result of two key phases. The phase of pre-selection, performed by an independent analysis laboratory, brings together 100 advised consumers, with a particular interest in the world of beauty. The consumers discuss, evaluate and analyze product effectiveness claims as well as packaging attractiveness. The selected products are submitted to the phase of test in real life, at home situation. A panel of 60 consumers judge effectiveness, pleasure of use and cosmetic qualities of each product. The product-tests are performed as a blind test, under the control and the expertise of independent sensory analysis laboratories, in order to guarantee a fair and objective result”

http://www.victoiresdelabeaute.com/ This is a French website – your computer may be able to translate it to English.

Some additional comments from other companies that have won this award:

Our nail strengtheners, Trind™ Nail Repair won the “Oscar” of the cosmetics industry in Paris, the ‘Victoires De La Beauté’ for the “Best Fungal Nail Treatment in France”. The most expensive, and most popular, products in the world covet this award.

The winners of the “Victoires de la beauté” award are renowned in France. This is not just pure chance: the evaluation is carried out completely independently. The test subjects do not know which product from which company she is testing. Only the quality of the product and the impression it makes count.

Pretty impressive, with words like Oscar, covets and renowned.


More Winners:

Portrait Collar Neck Cream won a Best in Beauty Award from Shecky’s in 2010, and in 2009, Les Sorbet, our frozen serum garnered the same award.

SnapDragon, our beauty benefit beverage, received a Most Valuable Product award (slide 4) from Redbook and had a short appearance on Dr. Oz show for great antioxidant drinks.