Want to Get Rid of Cracked Heels for Summer?

Dare to bare

Are you ready to Dare to Bare and get rid of your dry, cracked heels for summer?  If so then this deal is for you.

On sale for 3 days only is our Two-for-One French Foot Formulas by Votre Vu!

Get a step ahead of sandal season with Votre Vu’s Très Magni-Feet foot scrub ($32) and crème, handcrafted in France of select natural ingredients and available at half off during our Dare to Bare three-day offer. Purchase Très Magni-Feet Exfoliant Wednesday, May 22 through Friday, May 24 and receive a FREE full-sized Très Magni-Feet Crème ($29) for a full-on French pedicure chez vous. C’mon, get strappy!

The scrub is made of delicate pieces of benevolent bamboo, which gently removes roughness and excess dead cells leaving feet clean, supple and rejuvenated. The crème completes the foot care treatment by nourishing, protecting the skin, and providing long-lasting smoothness.

Shop, stock up and save at votrevu.com today! Attention, s’il vous plaît! Your free Très Magni-Feet Crème will not show up on your online order form … but most certainly will be included with your shipment.  Enjoy!

Our “Bare to Dare” special runs Wednesday, May 22 (12:01 am CST) through Friday, May 24 (midnight CST).

If you think this is just one of those “Me Too” foot products, think again!  Better yet, watch these two short videos to see why you need to treat your feet now!