Five Key Elements for Your French Beauty Ritual


If Americans have a skin care routine, the French have a beauty ritual. The French philosophy on beauty is simply: to make looking great and aging well a part of their daily life. They do that by pampering their skin with the most beneficial ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. French women see their skin care as an investment in themselves and will buy more skin care products then makeup. The philosophy is that skin care lasts a lifetime, while makeup lasts a day.

Jane Birkin – 1970 Style Icon


American women tend to see skin care from a clinical point of view, while French women often consider their time with their skin care as a pleasurable part of their day.


Follow these 5 easy steps to develop a French-style ritual so you too can baby your skin and look years younger:

  1. Use cleansing milks instead of soap or other drying cleansers. French women love rich, creamy cleansers that are not harsh on their skin. If you are used to using soap or a foaming cleanser, cleansing milks will feel a little different but your face with thank you for being so gentle!
  2. Don’t forget to tone. Toning is a step French women do not skip. Not only is it an important step in removing residual oil or dirt, but it brings your skin to its proper PH balance prepping it for the serums and crèmes that follow. If the PH balance of your skin is not in balance, your serums and crèmes will not work as effectively.
  3. Treat your skin to moisturizing oils. French women love aromatic oils. They believe in the power of oils to nourish the skin and the aromatics add to the pleasure.
  4. Add a serum to your regimen. Serums are as important as crèmes in a French women’s routine. Your serum is your power step repairing your skin from damage from your environment. Your serums also are a thinner consistency then your crèmes and therefore will penetrate the pores deeper. Serums are packed with the highest percentage of potent ingredients.
  5. French women believe what you put in your body effects your skin just as much as what you put on your face. They drink lots of water and eat more fruits and vegetables then Americans do. Votre Vu developed SnapDragon to help you get the vitamins and anti-oxidants you need to keep your skin vibrant and healthy.

Until Votre Vu, French skin care was not very accessible in the USA nor very affordable.  You can now experience the French skin care difference without the high price tag. Contact me and let’s talk about which products are best suited for your specific skin care needs.

Not Everyone Likes Cheesecake

On those days when you are feeling frustrated that no one wants what you have to offer, just remember: Not everyone likes cheesecake.

What I mean is if you go, let’s say, to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner, you might go because you love their meatloaf (I know – it’s a stretch but work with me here) and you have no desire to order one of their 32 or more variety of cheesecakes.

What does your waitress do?

Most likely, she says “Are you sure, that’s what we are famous for” and gives you a few suggestions.

You still say no.

Now what does she do? Most likely, she smiles, says thank you and goes to another table where someone just might want to order some of their famous cheesecake.

What she doesn’t do is equally important.

She doesn’t stop trying to offer it because no one at that table wanted the dessert, she doesn’t think no one likes her because they turned her down, and she doesn’t take off her apron and throw it on the table and quit!

I think you get the point. So when you are out promoting your business, if someone says no, just remember………………………….not everyone likes cheesecake!

Our job is to find the ones that do.

To our success!

There’s Nothing Quite Like This Sound

 For as long as I have been selling products, from floor covering out of college to faux painted walls to skin care, there is nothing quite like the sound of a happy customer!

Of course I love the products (why else would I choose to rep the line) but when you hear it from someone else, you can’t help but have the corners of your mouth lift into a smile :)

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My motto for the this season is Unwrap Beautiful Skin. And isn’t that’s the best present of all – one that makes someone else happy? 

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5 French Chic Secrets

By Helen Grant

Compelling, sophisticated, elegant – let the French inspire you.

There’s something chic about the French. With their voluminous hair and flushed cheeks, it’s hard to take your eyes off their wholesome gorgeousness. They have a distinct style, passed down through generations, that’s hard to beat.

Bardot and Chanel had it. Carla Bruni has it. There are many French stars that have captured public attention, but it’s the natural girl on the street that fascinates most. Confident with their age and their bodies, the French radiate glamour – whether strutting down Paris avenues, relaxing on the Riviera, or reading a book in their garden.

So how do they do it – and, more importantly, how can you do it?


laughter1From an early age, French girls are taught to feel good in their skin. It’s this confidence that makes them radiate poise and beauty, whatever their shape or size. What makes our European neighbours alluring is their determination, feminine charm, self-confidence and strength. They have style and chic but they also have grit.

So make an effort to look and smell divine, but remember that true appeal has more to do with attitude than looks!


fabphotoFrench hair is kept in tip-top condition. It can be short or long but always what nature intended. That means, if you’re a natural blonde, don’t try to be a brunette and vice versa. Instead, aim to have the best blonde hair – shiny and healthy.

To avoid stripping hair of natural oils, limit shampooing to no more than twice a week. Use conditioner after every shampoo and re-moisturize with a deep conditioner once a month. If you suffer from tangles, use a wide-toothed comb in the shower, working your way from tips to roots.

When styling, most French women favour the tousled I’ve just rolled out of bed look. With a little imagination, this can be achieved with any hair type. If your locks are naturally curly, ditch the straighteners and boost your curls with products.

After conditioning, rinse and apply mousse or serum to damp hair. Twist sections around your fingers then leave to dry naturally, blasting with a diffuser. If nature gave you poker straight hair, lucky you! It will probably have fantastic shine because flat cuticles are light reflective.

For true continental glamour you can’t go wrong with an up do. Try twisting a section of hair around the base of a ponytail or use pins to create a bun, letting a few strands tumble onto your shoulders. For a casual look, use your fingers instead of a brush, or try plaits.


fa_vintage_re1Think quality, not quantity, and pay attention to detail. One pair of made-to-measure, beautifully crafted leather shoes is better than ten pairs from the high street. The little black dress, classic white shirt, jeans, leather handbag and winter coat are timeless items.

The look is smart and sophisticated – pencil skirts, chunky jewellery, figure hugging trousers, lots of black and neutral colours, like grey, brown, navy, beige and khaki.  Keep accessories to a minimum. Dress the look up or down with a scarf, hat, ornate brooch or string of beads, but keep things matching.

French women have scarves that match their gloves that match their umbrellas that match their handbags, but don’t overdo it. A striking pair of earrings and matching necklace will add sparkle to a plain dress but throw in a sequined bag and patterned tights and you’ll look more drag than style queen.


free_122011Skin care in France is a priority, with the emphasis being on a clean, moisturized face. The usual common-sense rules apply – never wash your face with too hot or cold water, never go to bed with your make-up on and avoid exposing skin to harsh sunlight. French women often wear sunglasses to protect the skin around their eyes.

Use a good cleansing programme that includes a toner and moisturizer. Make an effort to discover your skin type then get advice on suitable products. Most beauty counters offer this service for free. The French use brands like Caudalie religiously.

Skin care might be higher in the pecking order but that doesn’t mean make-up is taboo. Two things the French can’t get enough of are lips and eyes. If you’ve got fantastic lips, apply liner just outside your lip-line and fill with a natural shade for a bee-stung look. If your eyes are your asset, recreate the Bambi look with lashings of black mascara and liner.

Keep brows groomed and nails short. If you’re using the correct skin care products, you shouldn’t need foundation and blusher, but if you can’t go without, use a tinted moisturizer and rose-coloured blush.


Everyone knows that a healthy lifestyle leads to better looks. Stress, smoking, lack of exercise and poor diet will wreak havoc. Take a good look at your lifestyle and make changes, if necessary. Aim to get enough sleep, eat well and drink plenty of fluids.

French women are famously slim because of their relaxed attitude towards food. The French is a nation which favours a rich diet full of diary products and pastries, with little emphasis on dieting. They steer clear of fast food and snacks, and make time for three meals a day, using natural ingredients when cooking.

Mealtimes are a social occasion and the results are worth it – obesity figures in France are less than half of the UK’s.

Votre Vu offers beautiful, affordable French skin care at 1/2 of Department Store pricing.  Our 80 year old, family owned, award winning lab located outside of Paris hand crafts each batch to give you the best in naturally based skin care.   Contact me for your complimentary samples!